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Are You Ready to Overcome Your Business Fears and Reach New Heights?

Are you constantly worried about the underperformance of your business? Do you feel overwhelmed by the challenges of managing your financial, human, material, and intellectual resources?


Let my expertise expand your business.

From my wealth of experience as an:

  • Accountant with over 14 years of experience
  • Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach/Consultant
  • Certified Project Manager by London School of Business & Finance
  • Certified Trainer & Consultant by Centre for Management Development (CMD) Nigeria
  • A fellow with the Institute of Management Consultants IMC-Nigeria
  • MSc in Business Management
  • MSMEs Business Growth Coach
  • The Convener of Business Growth Strategy Conference , Maxwell Leadership & Business Strategy seminar
  • Principal Consultant at Business Structure Leadership & Management Academy (BUSLMA)
  • CEO: Smile Planet Farms Limited; Smile Planet Consulting Limited and Smile Planet Facility Management Company

You need customised business Structure System , Strategy for more profit

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Poultry Farm Setup & Management

$ 40 per 1 hour
  • This session will give you clarity about all it takes to set up your poultry farm and make inform business investment decision.

Business Consulting & Coaching

$ 100 per 1 hour
  • Comprehensive and customized business coaching offer, designed to cater to a variety of business needs and leadership levels. This unique program encompasses one-on-one coaching.

Business Finance Management

$ 100 per 1 hour
  • financial management, budgeting, and resource allocation to optimise your business's financial health and profitability.

Sales & Marketing consulting

$ 100 per 1 hour
  • Provide training and strategies to improve your business's sales performance and increase revenue

Staff Performance Management

$ 100 per 1 hour
  • Help you implement systems to monitor, enhance, and reward staff performance, creating a high-performance culture that drives your business forward.

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential: Enhance Your Financial, Human, Material, and Intellectual Resources

Despite all your efforts, what was your sales & revenue last month?

What You Gain With Coach Abraham Orukpe

Amplify your revenue and profitability through tailored financial strategies that minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

Cultivate a dynamic, skilled workforce ready to take on any challenge and drive your business forward through standard operating procedures (SOP)

Ensure your business’s material and physical assets are leveraged effectively, reducing costs and improving productivity.

Enhance your business’s brainpower with innovative strategies and creative problem-solving techniques to enhance sales (revenue)

Serial Entrepreneur

Coach Abraham is a visionary serial entrepreneur known for his innovative approach to business.


As an accountant, Coach Abraham brings a wealth of expertise in financial management and strategic planning.

Consultant & Coach

In his role as a consultant, Coach Abraham excels in providing actionable insights and solutions to businesses.


Coach Abraham is also an accomplished author, known for his insightful and inspiring publications on business, leadership, and personal development.

As a successful business owner, I can help you achieve same!



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