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2024 Business Goalsetting Workshop

with Coach Abraham Orukpe and Fii Stephen

This is a practical, hands-on workshop and at the end of it, you will have very clear business goals and proven strategies on how you can achieve them.

Anybody can start a business.

In fact, many people do… every day. 

It is managing a PROFITABLE business that takes more than just willpower, business ideas, and capital.

You are always scared of traveling. Whenever you are absent things get out of control and your business is at risk of sinking…

Attracting customers is really a problem, even the ones you already have you are gradually losing them…

Finance to fund your business is not enough and you are always troubled about how to raise money…

You don’t know how money moves in your business so you are unable to keep proper financial records…

You are not even sure  if your business will survive in 2024.

There is a way to make your business much better and achieve what you truly want.

It all starts with GOALS!

You need to first be very clear about the exact things you want in your business in 2024.

There is a strategy for setting business goals… it is not just about wishing things will get better.

You need CLEAR GOALS and PROVEN STRATEGIES to achieve them

Know this and know peace 

– Passion alone is not enough to help run and manage your business effectively – Even having a strategy doesn’t always guarantee success in business…but having a proven strategy greatly increases your chances of high level success.

I started my business in 2014, about 8 years ago. I had lots of passion but very little practical business knowledge.

This showed fast in my results –  managing my business became a struggle, my pricing was terrible, I struggled with getting new clients or even retaining the few I had.

I was unable to account for how money circulates, paying my employees was a problem, and my office rent kept me thinking and worried.

Because of what was happening I began borrowing money, sometimes even at a high interest rates just to keep up with my commitment 

This led me into serious debt, my business was crashing and there was very little I could do about it…

This was when I started attending training programs, reading books about business, and getting exposed to people and resources that taught me a lot about how to navigate the world of business profitably.

Today, my business has 3 major arms – Smile Planet Farms, Smile Plant Cleaning Services, Smile Planet Coaching, and Consulting – all successful and thriving.

Now I spend some of my time helping other business owners like you with very practical information that can help yopu grow and scale.

I don’t just teach, I run three businesses in real-time till today. I have actual results and experiences for what I share.

Are you ready to learn?

what you will learn and have access to…


Business finance Goals and Revenue Projection

- How to set goals that concern MONEY for your business, from how much you want to make in 2024 to your financial growth and revenue projection.


Marketing and Sales Goals

- Set measurable goals for your business marketing and sales that will help you hit and surpass your financial goals, sell more products, and get more clients for your services.


Strategies for achieving your goals

- Learn the tools, systems,. and strategies that are working today to help you achieve the goals you have set - from business finance to marketing and sales.


14th January 2024


7pm - 9.30pm


Zoom (Link will be shared with registered participants)

That is not all, here are some bonuses for you

Bonus 1: Implementation Template

This template helps you implement what you will learn during the training sessions.

Bonus 2: Discount Access to the Business Structure Bootcamp

You will have a special discount for the high value program - "How to Structure your Business for more Profits"

Are you bold enough to set and achieve your business goals in 2024?

Who will be training you?

Coach Abraham Orukpe

Fii Stephen Michael

How to make payment and get in now


₦5,000 (Discount ends soon)

Or make a direct transfer to

Bank: Zenith Bank

Acc No: 1225740342

Acc Name: Business Structure and Management Academy

Discount ends in 


All Your Questions Answered

It will hold on Sunday, 14th January 2024 at 7pm.

Yes, It will be of a huge advantage to you, you will not have to go through the struggles of using the wrong strategy to run your business


You need a smartphone (or laptop) with working internet. The training will take place at Zoom. so you don’t have limitations 

You will certainly get what you are looking for if you apply all that will be taught with the template that will be given to you

The training will be recorded so you can always have access to it at your leisure

No, the training is not limited to the kind of business you run


Would you like to set and achieve your  Goals for Business finance, Marketing, and Sales?

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