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We have 4 special packages for you, designed to help you achieve profitability, growth and success in business.

Gold Package

“BUSINESS GROWTH STRATEGY: Building A a profitable Business in an Uncertain Economy,” worth  ₦10,000. 

This book empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to build a profitable business no matter the economic conditions and also Navigate their way through the business world, even as a start-up business owner.

Do you desire to build a profitable business? BUSINESS GROWTH STRATEGY: Building A a profitable Business in an Uncertain Economy is a perfect guide for you, enabling you to stay tough in business and thrive. In it, you will gain insight, practical advice, strategies, real-life experiences and proven tactics that empowers you to successfully navigate your way through the world of business.

BUSINESS GROWTH STRATEGY: Building A a profitable Business in an Uncertain Economy,” will be launched by November and its valued at ₦10,000. But you can Pre-order your Copy Today for ₦5,000 only.




Diamond Package

Course Title: Ideation to Monetization:  (Transforming Ideas into Profitable Businesses )

Course Overview:

The “Ideation to Monetization” course is designed to guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the journey of transforming innovative ideas into profitable and sustainable business ventures. The course covers crucial topics ranging from ideation, market research, product development, branding, marketing, sales, financial planning, and monetization strategies. 

Participants will engage in group discussions, and practical assignments to facilitate the application of theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, thereby enhancing their entrepreneurial acumen.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop innovative and viable business ideas.
  • Evaluate the feasibility and market potential of business concepts.
  • Perform comprehensive market research to identify opportunities and challenges.
  • Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that meets market needs.
  • Employ sales techniques to attract, convert, and retain customers.
  • Manage and nurture customer relationships to enhance loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Develop and manage budgets, financial forecasts, and cash flow.

By the end of this course, participants will have acquired the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to transform their ideas into monetizable business ventures and navigate the entrepreneurial ecosystem effectively

The Ideation to Monetization course is valued at 20,000; but you can enrol today for 10,000 only.



Premium Diamond Package

Course Title: Mastering the Art of Sales & Business Strategy

Course Overview:

“Mastering the Art of Sales & Business Strategy” is an advanced and comprehensive course designed for professionals aiming to elevate their sales acumen and develop strategic business insights. The course encompasses a broad range of topics, from foundational sales techniques to sophisticated business strategy formulation, catering to the needs of sales executives, business development managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone keen on mastering the synergy between sales and strategy.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Utilize a variety of sales methodologies to effectively engage with prospects and customers.
  • Analyze customer behaviour and motivations to tailor sales approaches.
  • Perform detailed market, competitor, and internal analyses to identify opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Employ advanced negotiation techniques to reach mutually beneficial agreements
  • Formulate effective business strategies based on analytical findings.
  • Develop strategic positioning to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace.

By the end of this course, participants will have mastered the art of sales and business strategy, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to drive sales growth and contribute to the strategic success of their business. 

You will also get access to “BUSINESS GROWTH STRATEGY: Building A Profitable Business in an Uncertain Economy,” worth  ₦10,000. 

In all, you are getting the gold package valued at 10,000 & the Premium Diamond Package valued at 45,000.

Total value 55,000



Elite Executive Package

“Business Success Accelerator Program with Abraham Orukpe” Worth N100,000 

Business Success Accelerator Program is a One-on-One coaching and consulting program with Abraham Orukpe, For those who want to experience mind-blowing transformation in their business in less than 60 days, It runs for 6 Weeks.


Week 1

You will learn how to… 


  • Evaluate your current business structure and Identify areas that need improvement… 
  • Restructure your business for Optimal growth and profitability 
  • and discover how to implement changes that will increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

You will learn how to… 

  • develop a revenue model and strategy that align with your business goals
  • evaluate your current revenue streams, identify new revenue opportunities, and create a revenue growth plan.
Week 2
  • essential elements of pricing and negotiation, which are crucial for maximizing profitability and ensuring the long-term success of your business
  • Understand the factors that influence pricing decisions, such as costs, market demand, competition, and customer value perception.
  • strategies to increase your brand’s visibility and boost your sales. 
  • identify your target audience, create effective marketing messages, and use various marketing channels to reach your ideal customers
  • close more sales and increase your revenue.
Week 3
  • effective ways to manage and motivate your staff for maximum productivity and performance. 
  • set clear expectations, provide constructive feedback, and recognize your employees’ contributions
  • identify and address performance issues that may be holding your business back.

You will learn how to… 

  • I will teach you the necessary skills to manage your business finances and keep accurate records


  • create a budget, track your expenses, and manage your cash flow
  • read and interpret financial statements, such as your balance sheet and income statement.
Week 4

You will learn how to… 

  • techniques to attract new customers and retain existing ones
  • create a customer acquisition plan, build customer loyalty, and create a referral program
  • use customer feedback to improve your products and services and enhance the customer experience.

You will learn how to… 

  • develop project management skills that will help you successfully execute projects and achieve your business goals
  • plan and manage projects, identify and manage risks, and evaluate project success.
  • prioritize your projects to ensure that you are focusing on the most critical areas of your business.

 BUSINESS GROWTH STRATEGY: Building A a profitable Business in an Uncertain Economy” worth ₦10,000. 


Blueprint for Running a Profitable Business in any Economy Worth ₦20,000. 

In all, you are getting.

Gold Package ₦10,000
Diamond Package ₦45,000
Elite Premium Executive Package ₦100,000

Total Value N155,000.

But you are getting all of these today for ₦155,000 ₦50,000. We have 20 slots available. 



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